Thứ bảy - 22/10/2022 08:28
Toàn quốc - English is the most widely spoken language on earth and is chosen as a second language by many countries in the world. English can help you open opportunities and is necessary at the modern age.
👉 Our IVS Education System always attaches special importance to teach and study English at school. We cooperate with Byan Teach – an education unit mainly training and providing the well - qualified foreign teachers coming from Canada 🇨🇦, Australia 🇦🇺, The United States 🇺🇸and England 🇬🇧. Our aims are creating an open environment to give the students opportunities to communicate English with the native speakers as well as making English lessons become more interesting with various teaching methods.
👉Enjoy some activities of the lesson today - the first day at English class with native teachers.
Trường Nội trú IVS - Special School for Special Students chuyên đào tạo học sinh cá biệt, nghiện game.
☎️ Hotline miền Bắc: 0963.686.183
☎️ Hotline miền Nam: 0901.567.778
310918880 536664018465954 2298875986792344025 n
310918880 536664018465954 2298875986792344025 n

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